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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are You Using Military Network to View This Post?

If so, you can be pretty damn sure that your visit here was logged by DARPA. Hell, everything you do on a military network is being tracked by DARPA.

Doesn't mean that your CO knows about reading this blog, which he or she would probably regard as being borderline seditious, but if they want to really check into what you're doing on line, they have the tools.

Have a nice day.


Earl said...

No longer working on anyone else's computers (job related - no job, no access) but am sure there are people looking for words and phrases that have meaningful fear stirring merit.

So many potentials, how to find the real problems? Get them all, get them all - the long the short and the tall.

bob said...

Whether you are on a DOD network or not, Anyone who truly thinks or believes that they are anonymous (not the group) are really only fooling themselves.

If it not the Government, it is industry. You have some recourse against the government, but virtual no recourse against industry.

They are like Santa, they know who has been naughty and who has been nice.

BadTux said...

This is true on *any* network other than your own. Browse the Internet from your office? Unless you're using an encrypted connection to a proxy outside your local network, your local sysadmin knows every URL you are going to -- and people can be, and are, fired every day for browsing "unapproved" sites.

- Badtux the IT Penguin

Anonymous said...

Someone from the Pentagon comes and reads my blog regularly. WTF is that about? I'm not even a Merkin ;-)