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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why Alberto Gonzales Needs to be Beaten Into a Coma

For putting up with shit like this: Conniving at firing an outstanding lawyer because she was rumored to be a lesbian. Doesn't matter that she happened to be one of the best prosecutors around, doesn't matter that in her field, she was one of the top lawyers in the country.

None of that mattered worth a fuck. People thought she was a lesbian and she had to go.

All of this is part of the ideological tapestry woven by George Bush and his mighty team of sycophants. Competence matters not, only ideology, which is why they filled the ranks of the Justice Department with trolls from one of the worst law schools in the nation.

This is the same mindset that brought about the unexperienced children who staffed the Coalition Provisional Authority. This is the same mindset that turned FEMA into an ideological dumping ground which was headed by Heckovajob Brownie, a guy whose major experience was dealing with horse shit (as in "manure").

And yes, this is the same mindset that brought Boalt Hall's Staff Torturer to the Justice Department.

Bush Administration: Competence--baaaddd. Ideological purity--goooood.

Which is why this nation is in the deep pit of festering shit that it is in.

1 comment:

PhysioProf said...

Yep. Those fucking right-wing partisan hack douchewheels are more than incompetent; they are anticompetent.