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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

De Havilland Vampire:

Note the external tanks, which are probably wired in place. The first-generation jets were known for being short-legged, as their engines were thirsty buggers.


Ten Bears said...

Kids just wanted to fly their models.

Stewart Dean said...

Ah, to be in England, when a Vampire is in the air.

In 2011, a doctor with too much money and too little sense or time in the aircraft brought home to Kingston NY a BAC 167 Strikemaster, did a low pass over the runway, tried some acrobatics and ran out of lift. Finis.

Doctors can have delusions of omnicompetence. My father was a world class doc, trained by the best in America and forged in a Southern childhood among the yahoo, in a WWII MASH in the African and Italian campaign and by the reality of fierce love for an almost totally polio paralyzed wife. He knew about idiocies, how perilous fortune can be and what lies in wait around docs who think they are gods.

Eck! said...

Going back 20+ years a guy local had one and treated it very well.
Stead of Stead avaition, manchester NH. Any time I visited his
shop he always had a ready engine as a spare. Seems they were
good for may be 300 to 500 hours before they get cranky.


seafury said...

Very cool video. makes me want to pull up the "The shepherd" by Frederick Forsythe. Mr Forsythe was a vampire pilot before he turned to writing. Interesting how long it took him to reach full throttle on the takeoff.

CenterPuke88 said...

Oh dear, another Comrade rabbit hole...

ZK(Norwegian Air Force Roundel)P...that’s a New Zealand registration, currently not valid, in the historic aircraft series, with the NOrwegian Air Force markings.

Video is reportedly taken in Norway. Called a Vampire 100 in the title, but that was only for the three prototypes. It’s not a trainer, as evidenced by the single seat configuration. The Norwegian Air Force historical collection has an FB.52 Vampire, but it’s in a silver paint job.

So, anyone know the story of this one?

Unknown said...

Poor guy was probably trying to reach Lakenheath after leaving Celle, but got lost due to instrument failure.

Deadstick said...

Seafury, re the throttle: Years ago I had a chance to read the Dash One for the YB-49, the jet version of the B-35. It warned against rapid throttle increases; said if you went from idle to full in less than 20 seconds, you'd get a flameout.
Must have been reassuring when you were low on final...

Old NFO said...

Noisy, thirsty, and fast!!! They do have a couple of them racing at Reno... Or at least they did two years ago.