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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Coronavirus and Chinese Restaurants

I've been hearing anecdotal stories that people in this country are avoiding Chinese restaurants because of the coronavirus.

Don't be doing that shit, people. It's between ignorance and racist.


Ten Bears said...

Was in an interesting conversation recently about what may be a trend in the closing of Chinese restaurants as we have known them. Boiled down to balls on a brass monkey: the restaurants are closing because that entire generation is retiring. They came here and went to work in those joints so their kids wouldn't have to; and now their kids are grown and gone with college educations, careers, families... and they don't have to. The American Dream, an American success story, the assimilation you hear the pasty face reich-wingers whine about.

B said...

IT is an excellent example of the American Dream.

The Chinese get it. Unlike some other demographic groups.

One generation from immigrant to part of the culture. "Americanized" as it were.

But to stay away from Chinese restaurants because "Coronavirus!!!" is stupid.

Unknown said...

Yes, B, would than the meth-addled, Trump-voting, poor working whites could follow the path of the Chinese immigrants.

Tod Germanica said...

Apparently the virus can be passed to other animals from the vector which they believe to be bats. Civit cats can contract the disease and eating wild or domesticated Civit cats is done in China. They believe the Civit cats caught it from their cages being placed
under cages of infected bats.

seafury said...

Like I would give up my crab Rangoon and egg rolls. I always ask how the civit cat before I have any though. Some days I think they substitute domestic, but maybe that's just me.

B said...

"Yes, B, would than the meth-addled, Trump-voting, poor working whites could follow the path of the Chinese immigrants."
And there you have it, example 1,965,432 of why people think that many Dems (especially Urban democrats) are racist, ignorant, assholes whose claims reflect their own insecurities and why they ended up with Trump in the first place.

The American Dream happens for people every day, white, black, indian, chinese, etc. Those that try, don't make stupid mistakes over and over, and follow some basic rules (like don't do drugs, don't get a criminal record, etc) often succeed...those whose culture makes for a family and for forward thinking/delayed gratification also often succeed more readily.

Dark Avenger said...

“I like the poorly educated.”
“There were good people on both sides.”(At Charlottesville)

Donald J. Trump

He certainly can’t count the Chinese among them in neither case.