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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Selling One's Soul for a 300-Meter Rifle Range

A long time ago, I read a story about a small town in Germany in the early 1930s. The sportsmen in the town wanted to expand the local rifle range to 300 meters. The town's government didn't want to do that.

There was an election coming up. One of the parties running for office in the town was the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Their candidates promised that if they came to power, they would build a 300-meter rifle range. The sportsmen supported them, the candidates won.

The Nazis kept their promise, they built the 300-meter rifle range. The sportsmen sold their souls for that.

As someone said, history doesn't repeat itself, but it can rhyme.


dinthebeast said...

I always found 100 yards to be fine, maybe because I grew up in a house with a 100 yard range right outside the dining room doors.

-Doug in Oakland

Jack the Cold Warrior said...

I'll bet they built the 300m range, then took a bunch of land for a training area. (I was in a mech Infantry BN for 44 months in West Germany).

seafury said...

But don't forget, they got the range. The stuff that happened after? Yeah there is that, but FREE RIFLE RANGE!!!

Ten Bears said...

Growing up in the hinterlands first a mia culpa: I've never had any problem finding someplace to pace off three hundred paces and hand a coffee can on a stick... why? I have paced off 300 paces and hung a coffee can on a stick, took a few potshots at it. Never hit it, and I am good shot, been hunting over fifty years, with the same 300 Savage (99G) for forty. Not to mention the impact of even the 300 at a thousand feet isn't gonna' be much more than that of a ballbat. The goddess would really be in luv with you to take out a deer in one shot, anything bigger is gonna' walk away, wounded, perhaps fatally. And don't tell me you'll get there quick enough to cut its throat, you can't run across a thousand feet of open terrain packing a rifle and whatever else you're carrying quick enough. I have seen it, and know it to be true.

Did I ever tell about my take on the runaway horse and the sixgun?