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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

How to Get a Pardon, White Collar Ed.

You can either have a friend like Rudy Giuliani, you can dump six figures into Trump's re-election kitty or you can have someone go on Fox and Friends, whine how unfair it is to have to do time with real criminals, praise Trump to the skies and a pardon or clemency can be yours.

That seems to be how it works, nowadays. John Rowland, take note.

Roger Stone will be sentenced tomorrow. I expect that he'll be pardoned within a few days of that.


Stewart Dean said...

One of the 'war stories' of Augustine's Laws was of the time when a wrench was left in a prototype test-article jet engine, which on testing startup lunched the engine (and set back the tests and sales offering, which cost the company millions and put it behind the competition). R&D management vowed it would never happen again and added to their checklist having a man crawl into the engine and shine a flashlight around to check for such foreign objects. Some time later, another test article was lunched by a flashlight left behind.
Norman Augustine was the CEO of Martin Marietta when he wrote the book, Try to to get an earlier editions like the red paper back. The book was so wildly popular that it was updated many times and got overwieght. My favorite law: Anything that isn't in a design won't break.

dinthebeast said...

Milken? Blago? Really? It will be interesting to see what judge Jackson does with this case, especially after the Federal Judges Association had an emergency meeting today.
I saw someone on TV yesterday say they didn't think she would use the opportunity to address the issue of political intrusion into the DOJ, but I also read a statement from her boss that supported her all the way to the bus stop, so to speak.

-Doug in Oakland

Deadstick said...

Stewart, that reminds me of Apollo 1. After it burned up and killed its crew, the post-accident investigation revealed it was a piece of crap. Badly routed wiring, potential shorts, loose fasteners...and a forgotten socket wrench.

The entire first production run of command modules was in similar condition, and not one of them was ever flown with a human aboard.

B said...

y'all ferget that prezidents on your side did the same kind of pardonings of questionable people....and lots more of them.

Keep on with those double standards though.

Comrade Misfit said...

On other words, as far as Republicans go, it's wrong until their guy gets to do it. Then it's OK.

Guess what, B: You've forfeited any right to criticize Bloomberg. He is everything that Trump is, except for the part about being a foreign asset. Trump owns that.