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Monday, February 3, 2020

Is al-Baghdadi Really Dead?

Why won't Trump show us the long-form Death Certificate?


B said...


Not the same, but a nice play anyway.

Dark Avenger said...

Waiting for Trumps tax audit to be finished so he can release it to the American public.


seafury said...

It might say no trace of poison. Or my favorite unsympathetic amputation.

Ten Bears said...

Killing off all the bogeymen is poor planning, though no crisis in my book. Though I am sure there's got to be at least one ragtag, shirt-tail remnant of Usama binDead of liver failure since Dec2001 obits were published 'round the world's gang of born-again gay Mexican Muslims around to elevate to abooga booga booga: comin' t' get'cha, gonna' rape all the (white) women and steal all the jobs. Be afraid be afraid be afraid. Run away run away run away.

Should just change those stars on the flag to snowflakes.

Tod Germanica said...

Assassinating enemy leaders is an exercise in futility and an example of evolution in action. The next one won't make the same mistakes as the last one, making the leaders smarter, tougher, meaner.
And do we really want official murder made a common and normal part of American foreign policy? Sure, the White House is armored. But when Dear Leader's convoy is on the move or when he waves from the airplane door, unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to work an umbrella before dropping it like a kleenex, he's as vulnerable as any other leader. And Iran has performed several successful drone raids. Probably they figure Mother Pence might be a shade less stupid and corrupt than trump. It's war so why hold back?

0_0 said...

You are correct, Tod. The USA should allow enemy leaders to act against our citizens, interests, and allies.