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Monday, February 17, 2020

Ruger Five-Seven

Ruger's now making a 5.7mm, also known as a centerfire .22 magnum.

My beef is on two levels. First, it holds 20 rounds. If you live in a "ban state" that limits one to ten rounds, then right from the jump, you're carrying a gun that is half-empty.

Second, there is plenty of research out there that holds that all of the crap about "stretch cavity" in ballistic gel is eyewash, unless you're shooting a centerfire rifle. Handgun bullets incapacitate by penetrating deeply enough to hit something vital. Hollowpoints expand enough to up the chances of hitting something vital. A good 9mm round can reach FBI-standard depths and expand to over .50", a good .45 will reach .80".

With smaller bullets, like the 5.7mm, the idea is to shoot your adversary several times, which increases the changes of hitting something important. But if all you can carry in your gun is no more rounds than a 9mm, then you'd be a fool to carry a 5.7mm. Add to that the fact that one can purchase 100 rounds of 9mm for considerably less than the cost of a 50-round box of 5.7mm (.45 ACP is less expensive, too) and it makes little sense to buy a 5.7mm anything. If you want a fast .22, .22 Magnum is about half the cost of 5.7mm.

But if you have to have the latest hotness and cost isn't a factor, knock yerself out.

By the way, note that they call it the "Ruger Five Seven" when they speak of it. Probably because "Ruger Fifty-Seven" sounds like something that one might spread on a hamburger.

UPDATE: Ivan Chesnokov on the 5.7mm:
Main point of selling Belgian five seven pistol is extreme price of weapon and cartridge.

Belgian five seven is weapon of man who wears expensive Italian fascist suit of hand sewing, drive huge expensive Nazi Mercedes of A.M.G. shop, sail on massive yacht to Greek islands. I think you get picture. Belgian five seven is weapon that says is no such thing as concern of money.

For man without expensive suit, big black Mercedes, and massive yacht, Belgian five seven is for pretending of be rich like black gangster of American city with gold chains of low quality and jewels of colored glass. When you explain use of Belgian five seven pistol is only for shoot man with bullet vest with cartridge illegal to civilian, this man has nuclear rage. Whole identity of this man is spent in pretend pistol shows he is rich. Is very amuse.

For rest of world there is 9 millimeters of Luger which is same wound for cost less.


B said...

Wasn't the original round designed to penetrate (now obsolete) body armor?

dinthebeast said...

Briana used to have a two-shot .22 mag High Standard derringer that was pretty cool.
It was the only thing stolen in the first burglary we had in 1985. It was hidden between the mattress and the wall.
I got to shoot it a couple of times, and was impressed at how straight it shot considering how small it was.
The guys who slaughtered our cows and hogs used a .22, and one shot did the trick, but it's hard to get a reliable head shot on a bad guy...

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

Your added quote about the 9mm makes me think of the .22TCM, which is a 9mm necked down to .22 and which goves even better performance than the 5.7 at 1/4 the cost. Plus can be shot out of "normal" pistols with a barrel change.

Comrade Misfit said...

That's a good point, B.

The .22 centerfire pistols are, to my mind, cartridges in search of a valid use.

CenterPuke88 said...

How about as the track gun at Santa Anita, Comrade?

Comrade Misfit said...

CP88, I think those are usually "captive bolt" guns.

0_0 said...

For a moment I thought there was a new post from "Ivan".

jimmyjohns said...

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Comrade Misfit said...

I'm going to let that bit of spam stand, for its the first one I've ever seen that is even remotely relevant to the topic at hand.

And if you feel like paying five Benjys for a hoodie, rock on.