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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

At Boeing, Quality is Job Number Something

Boeing's crisis-hit 737 Max jetliner faces a new potential safety issue as debris has been found in the fuel tanks of several new planes which were in storage, awaiting delivery to airlines.
The US plane maker said it discovered so-called "Foreign Object Debris" left inside the wing fuel tanks of several undelivered 737 Maxs.

A company spokesman told the BBC: "While conducting maintenance we discovered Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in undelivered 737 Max airplanes currently in storage. That finding led to a robust internal investigation and immediate corrective actions in our production system."
What sort of FOD? Dust? Rags? Metal shavings? Tools? Bodies?

The budget-cutters are wrecking Boeing.

A company can spend a very long time making quality products and then, through inattention, wreck everything. Right now, the only thing that is saving Boeing is that their main competitor can't make enough new airplanes to steal market share.


"Zack" said...

LOL @ "What sort of FOD? Dust? Rags? Metal shavings? Tools? Bodies?"

seafury said...

They still have too many engineers on the property. Perhaps if they hire a few more accountants.........

dinthebeast said...

I read this morning that a pair of Peregrine falcons are nesting in the rafters of one of their factories and keep dropping debris (feathers and severed pigeon heads were mentioned) onto the factory floor. I somehow doubt that the FOD is pigeon scraps, but then I saw this story and it made me laugh...

-Doug in Oakland