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Monday, February 24, 2020

Trump's Team of Toadies and It's 2016, Again

Let's be clear about this: Trump has every right to surround himself with a team of toadies who will not tell him anything that he hasn't already tweeted.

What it says, though, is that Trump is a low-wattage autocrat who cannot stomach anyone telling him anything he disagrees with. Other presidents have tried to surround themselves with the best and brightest people. Trump surrounds himself with ass-kissers and suck-ups. So, for example, if Trump gets the notion that the way to stop Covid-19 is to require people to wear flea-collars, nobody's going to tell him any different. Because, as has been seen over and over, no matter what the subject, Trump thinks that he knows more than anyone else.

But hey, all that is good in the minds of the Trumpanzees.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, they are recreating the former Republican party's experience with Trump in 2016-- A candidate who has not identified with the party and who may be running away with the nomination.


dinthebeast said...

I still like many of Bernie's policies, even if he doesn't seem to have anything like a realistic plan for implementing them, but the more he treads upon his penis, the higher my anxiety with his status as frontrunner.

-Doug in Oakland

Ten Bears said...

"Biden claims victory in ..." Uhmm, it hasn't happened yet.

Did y'awl know there's a woman in the race? Super qualified: sitting Senator, Harvard law professor, ten plus generations American... has a plan for everything, choke to yoke. Got to hunt around a little as no one seems to heard of her: Elizabeth Warren. The best the democrats have to offer.

Oblio said...

Correctomundo... the Democrats are using the 2016 GOP playbook and will likely wind up with Bernie as the nominee, whom I predict will get creamed in the election. It's almost as if the Dems learned nothing from 2016, and this time around the cheating and election-meddling will be done from both the Kremlin and the White House. Almost makes me sad. We are well and truly screwed and Dolt 45 will prolly cruise to the victory, with a probable House swing back to the Red for bad measure. Heh heh heh... and we thought the first Dump term was bad, the second term will be muuuuurderrrrrrrr. (sigh... facepalm)

dinthebeast said...

Ten Bears: I voted for her by mail a week ago.

-Doug in Oakland