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Friday, August 4, 2017

ADS-B Getting Cheaper

I've not been thrilled about ADS-B. The gear has, so far, been about $2,500-$4,000, not including installation and maybe other stuff you'd need. That's enough that, if you don't fly into areas where you'd need it, it's not going to be worth the expense. Rumor has it that post-installation calibration and testing of the ADS-B sets is not a non-issue.

Even the pros are getting frustrated by ADS-B.

I'll bet that a lot of FLIBs that have transponders and don't fly IFR or go into Class B/C airspace have opted to ignore ADS-B. An informal survey of owners at my home airport has shown that only the owners of twins and higher-end singles have installed ADS-B, and not even all of them, yet. Many are betting that the price is going to come down because of owner reluctance to install higher-end sets. I thing that's a good gamble.

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