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Friday, August 25, 2017

Bangity Upgrade

Crimson Trace LG-350 lasergrips for my Model 60.

I am a fan of enhanced sighting systems for defensive handguns. Lasers are the best, in my opinion, but night sights are good, too. There are plenty of situations where you can see the bad guy and seeing black iron sights may be difficult. Even a fiber-optic front sight is better than nothing.

I'm not a big fan of mounting flashlights. They're bulky, most of them and even if you light up your target, you still kinda sort have to aim at it. With lasers, put the red (or green) dot on the bad guy and fire. With luck, the bad guy sees that you've got a laser sight on him and he immediately goes away. Because he'll know that a dot on his chest means that's where he's about to catch a bullet.


Murphy's Law said...

Nice choice. I have one on my S&W 642 and love it. Kinda jealous of that 3" Model 60 though.

Comrade Misfit said...

I have a LG-105 on my 442. It's small and unforgiving in feel. I may sell it at the club swap meet (the grips, not the gun).

A friend has the -305s on her Model 60 and they're nice. But I like the 350s better. I wish they made them for round-butt K-frames.

(Hell, I wish they made them for Colts DSs.)