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Saturday, August 12, 2017

How Many Wars Does Draft-Dodging Trump Want to Get Into?

Donald Trump said last night he was considering possible military action against Venezuela in response to Nicolas Maduro's power grab.

Mr Trump told reporters at his New Jersey golf course that he was "not going to rule out" a military option".
Afghanistan is ongoing. Resuming the Korean War, this time with nuclear weapons, is on the table. And now Trump is thinking about going into Venezuela?

Right. Cheap talk from a fat old man who has a family history of draft-dodging. Nobody in Trump's family has ever served in the armed forces, at least those who could have passed the ASVAB.

Trump is a chickenhawk, pure and simple. And, like all of the other chickenhawks, they are more than eager to send other people's kids off to fight and die. It never touches them.


Tewshooz said...

Obama and Clinton were draft dodgers, too.

dinthebeast said...

Obama wasn't old enough to dodge the draft. He's a year younger than I am, and while I had to register, they hadn't been drafting anyone for years by then.

-Doug in Oakland

bmq215 said...

Tewshooz, Obama was born in '61. The draft ended in '73. Did you just say that hoping it'd be true or did you trust the word of someone who was spouting lies?

M. Bouffant said...

How many you got?

Ten Bears said...

Romney was too busy speading the mormon gospel to serve and Bush was AWOL from the Air National Guard while I and mine were pulling weeklong patrols incountry.

Never begrudged Clinton his deferments. Po-boy from Ar Kansas worked his ass off to beat the draft: good for him. You had to be there. Else, STFU

DTWND said...

I was born in 1956 and registered but the draft was never done. The lottery for your birthdate was, though. Mine was 360 that year.


Tod Germanica said...

Why wouldn't he bomb something random, because terror won't someone think of the children? Worked great for his 'ratings' when he blew up those museum age-if not quality-Sukhoi jets when Putin said to, I mean because of the children. Sorry Goopers, this nut has got to go, when you finally grow a spine.
The whole regime stinks of treason in direct cooperation with our main international adversary. Treason can't be forgiven. Mike Pence [Sargent Schultz] to be the new boss, same as the old boss but maybe less craycray? Unless we find more Russian dirt on him too. Speaker of the house been tampered with dirty roubles too? I don't know, with all the brass hats at the white house, it'll probably be the usual king-making revolt of the praetorian guard when trump's tertiary syphilis and alzheimer's brings his golden voice to a grand finale and his miniature hands to final rest, to nevermore grab another pussy. How sad when the hopes of so many are dashed by the diseases of the rich and powerful. Time is not kind.