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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This is Where I Get to Say "Toljaso"; Avigation Ed.

LORAN is coming back, because of GPS vulnerability.

This is where I get to say Toljaso.

Anyone with five functioning neurons that are set aside to understand radio theory could have seen this coming.

Fucking chuckleheads.


DTWND said...

One of the reasons I train my students in dead-reckoning is so they'll still be able to navigate when/if the electrons stop flowing. The old E6B, plotter, and chart still works if used correctly.

I had one student, on his third lesson, show up with his iPad, Foreflight, portable GPS, and yoke mount system all ready to go. We hadn't even started on stalls or ground reference maneuvers. But, dammit, he wasn't going to get lost between the practice area and home base!


B said...

BBBBUT GPS is so much more convenient!

J4rh34d said...

A friend of mine joined the Coast Guard in Fallon, Nevada after he quit his job as a local newspaper reporter. The CG had a major LORAN station there, and thus a local presence, in the middle of the desert, hundreds of miles from the ocean.

Top Gun is also in Fallon, so nobody will go thirsty.

Iron City said...

The last time anybody, in the U.S. at least, so that's really everybody (MAGA and all that) bought LORAN was in the 1980s when the FAA bought a master and a couple three slave (oh, not allowed to call them that anymore, umm. secondary stations) to fill a coverage gap in the middle of the country. Took over the USCG contract, which had expired, had to do a novation agreement and everything, because the contract was with the only company that made LORAN transmitters it was sole source and cost the bomb. So now that the LORAN people get their way when does the FAA turn off all those 700+ VORs that aren't needed anymore?