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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trump Administration Greenlights Violence Against Muslims (and Others)

That's the only way that I can read this:
In the early morning hours of August 5, someone hurled an improvised explosive device at a mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota. None of the roughly 20 early morning worshippers were injured, but the blast broke windows and began a small fire, filling the building with smoke. The mosque’s executive director told a local TV station that “one of our congregation members came out immediately and he saw a truck fleeing from the parking lot, running at very high speed.” The FBI is investigating; no arrests have been made. On Sunday, Minnesota governor Mark Dayton called the attack “an act of terrorism.”

But the response from the Trump administration has been predictable yet disturbing: almost complete silence. President* Trump has not issued a statement or tweeted about the Minnesota attack, preferring to direct his attention to other pressing matters, like Senator Richard Blumenthal’s Vietnam record. (The Department of Homeland Security did issue a strong statement condemning the attack.)

In a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC, Nazi-ish quasi–White House adviser Sebastian Gorka put forth a bizarre justification for the radio silence: The attack, you see, may have been perpetrated by the left.
I think it's being charitable to call Gorka "Nazi-ish". He's a member of a group of Nazi collaborators. And he is not a "quasi-White House adviser", he holds the title of Deputy Assistant to the President, ostensibly for something to do with national security, but I'm guessing that he's part of the liaison operation to American neo-Nazi groups.

Trump has a long track record of not condemning violence against minorities. In this case, silence is presumbed consent.

You can bet that the neo-Nazis are receiving that signal 5 by 9.


B said...

Far cry from "giving a green light" there, sistah.

If you go with that, then every Muslim, everywhere in the world, who didn't immediately condemn the terror attacks since....forever, (like 9-11, and all the recent slashings and using cars and trucks as weapons against crowds of innocents) and such are guilty of "greenlighting attacks on unbelievers"....right?
Which means we should wipe 'em out because they want to kill us all, right?

Or are you still in Double Standard Land when it comes to Trump?

B said...

Plus, of course, let us not forget that nearly all "hate crimes" against Muslims here in the US are perpetrated by......Muslims.

One would wonder who the perpetrator in this case is.....

CenterPuke88 said...


#1) The direct equivalent for this suggestion that Donnie should have spoken out is a belief that the Leaders of Muslim countries should speak out against violence against Christians, not some bizarre fetish the Right has about demanding every Muslim must speak out against anything. And, surprise, surprise, there are plenty of instances of this occurring. In the context of the US, the Imams of any number of congregations have stood up and decried violence inspired by ISIS/ISIL, but now you want individual members to do the same? Are we gonna ask every Southern Baptist to stand up and apologize for what happened at Baylor University? Every Catholic to stand-up and decry child sexual abuse by priests?

#2) Do provide the supporting numbers to your suggestion that "nearly all 'hate crimes' against Muslims here in the US are perpetrated by......Muslims", because I believe you don't have anything other than your fevered imagination to prove this.

B said...

Lemme turn your whine around.

Show me ONE "hate crime" against a muslim that WASN'T a hoax.

AFAICT, all of them were. The whole girls and Hijabs thing on the subway, in the dorms, in the streets.... the damage to the mosque(s) thing, the hate graffiti....all perpetrated by MUSLIMS or complete hoaxes...to gain headlines or sympathy.

None of the reported hate crimes have had any basis in fact. All, as far as I can see, have fallen apart come investigation time.

If you can prove otherwise, I'd like to see one.

dinthebeast said...

OK, B, right after 9-11 one of our customers, a small corner store in the upper Haight in San Francisco, owned by a Lebanese family who were all US citizens, had their windows all smashed, their store vandalized inside and out, and a bunch of hateful bullshit spray-painted on their wall by a couple of skinheads, while they were in their apartment upstairs from the store.
They were caught and prosecuted for the vandalism, but the anti-hate crimes law wasn't being enforced back then, so they got thirty days and community service, and then only because they had prior convictions.
They did $30,000 in damage, and scared the living shit out of a nice, law abiding family who had been our customers for years and years.
Those are the kind of stories that don't make a big splash in the media, so people think they don't really happen. But they do. And making blanket claims about the ethnicity or religion of an entire class of criminal is bullshit, and you know it.

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

Sihks attacked as Muslims by gunman...

2 Mosques attacked in Texas (the third was, indeed, an internal dispute)...

Stabbing/Killing on a train in Portland...

Texas Muslim doctor stabbed and shot outside mosque...

Florida man beaten outside mosque...

There's six quickly, and in each case the criminal was not Muslim, and there are plenary of others to list

Ten Bears said...

Last time I checked the official narrative, b, it was white people that killed those Little Eichmanns on "9/11", of the Abrahamic Cults: Jew, Christian, Muslim. They all bow down to the same damned dog. 9/1 is bullshit, you lose.