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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mounted Shooting

I saw a Cowboy Mounted Shooting match yesterday. This was one of the competitors:

There are better videos than my crappy one.

Fascinating stuff.

But we can update this, no?

So I propose a new sport: Sicario Mounted Shooting. It would be shot from motorcycles by a two-person team- the rider and the shooter. Lot of details to work out, of course.


deadstick said...

Where the hell's the backstop?

Anonymous said...


From the "better" video... they are shooting black powder blanks.

John Matus said...

I thought the IRA worked out the rules for that in the 1960s.

dinthebeast said...

At least you wouldn't have to worry about the motorcycle getting spooked...

I think they sort of do that in Iraq and Afghanistan, only for real, don't they?

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

My first thought was a BMW, with a sidecar, and a MG-34, which lead to the Skokie Nazi's and the Blues Brothers, so my take is totally screwed up.

Leo Knight said...

How about an "urban" category? You have to use a pistol held sideways...

Thomas Ten Bears said...

Rider and a shooter!? That's no fun. Shoot left handed. Deer crossing signs have just enough black.

Chuck Pergiel said...

The Girl, The Gun, and The Motorcycle

Nangleator said...

Bah. Show me bull riding with live rounds in dual-weilded MAC-10s. The arena is only 50' wide, and fans line up 6-people deep to watch it. Baby carriages to the front.

With a few properly advertised words, such as "freedom" and "Jesus," nearly a third of Americans would make this sport explode!

(I'd love to see the fine print on the ticket for such an event, but that's as close as I'd get to one.)

Oblio said...

I happened to catch one of the CMSA events in Las Vegas last year and it was really great! The crowd was totally into it, cheering for successful run and groaning when a shooter missed a balloon. There were even women competitors outfitted in full 'Seniorita' garb and it was awesome watching them race the course with their dresses and stacked slips flying in the wind. I'm a big motorsports guy and found this competition to be just as riveting as any car race... speed, geometry, precision, braking (on hooves), 180-degree turns... I even saw a few riders take tumbles but jump back on and finish the course. Great spectator sport, I'm now a fan!

3383 said...

The biker hitman thing happens in certain of our Latin/ South American neighbors.