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Monday, August 7, 2017

Stupid Academics and Greedy Companies

On Tuesday, the same day campus carry was officially implemented at Texas community colleges, a geography instructor at San Antonio College came to class dressed to express exactly what he thought about the new law.

"I was just saying I don't feel safe," Charles K. Smith told mySA.com.

Smith came to class on Tuesday dressed head to waist in protective combat gear - a bulletproof vest and helmet.
I'll pass over the obvious point that handguns are close-range weapons and that anyone who wanted to whack that moron could easily pop him in an unprotected spot. But this is the quote that got my ire:
"There is nothing on this planet worth a human life."
Reallly. Maybe he ought to have had a talk with the Challenger Seven and told them that going into space wasn't worth the risk.

Maybe he ought to take a trip to France:

Or to Arlington:

He could sit next to any marker and tell that soldier, sailor, Marine or airman that their death was meaningless, that they died for nothing.

Or he can go to Poland:

He could go to the site of the gas chambers at Auschwitz and explain to the shades of the people murdered there that it was not worth the lives of any of the millions who were killed in the war to end the horror that was Nazi Germany.

Or he could go to any veterans' hospital or retirement home and explain to the men (and no, increasingly, women) who have left body parts on a battlefield that their wounds were meaningless.

Or maybe, more locally, he should call up the fire and police departments and explain to them that none of the men and women there should risk their lives in any attempt to save his fat, privileged, pampered ass.

A  hell of a lot of people have died over the centuries so that Prof. Smith could waddle around in a bulletproof vest and feel superior to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Too bad he is so unappreciative.
As to "greedy companies", I was going to get into a rant about generic pharmaceuticals and the companies that make worthless ones, but the above piece went overlong. So some other time.


CenterPuke88 said...

While I agree his statement is ignorant and his hyperbole over the top, I'm not thrilled with the campus carry stuff. I'm not sure where the lines in our society should be/shouldn't be, but places where arguments and debate occur mixing with guns and youthful judgement don't seem optimal. What is, your mileage may vary.

On a more serious note, come September 1, Texans can all carry blades of 5 1/2" or longer openly...subject to the usual restrictions (which includes campuses...WTF?). This is currently interpreted as allowing swords, daggers, machetes, spears, cutlasses, etc.

Ten Bears said...

He's never had to make that choice.

drouse said...

He's doing what is what so many self-(important, involved, self-whatever)people do. Try to make something venal into a matter of principle. When he says there is nothing on this planet worth a human life, he really means that there is nothing on this planet worth his life.

dinthebeast said...

I once had to ride BART home from a tree job carrying a double-bitted axe. I had other tools in my bag, but the axe wouldn't fit, so I had to just carry it. I don't know if it was just because it was the East Bay or not, but nobody gave me so much as a sideways glance, and I was the one who felt weird about it.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

Bravo, Comrade.

Pay not attention to CP: Feelings mean nothing against logic and experience.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., feeling the need to take a shot, eh? I simply expounded upon my previous statements on this topic, I feel we have too many people with too many guns. However, I'm not in favor of confiscation or such either.

I just see stories like the latest around here where an angry man was pointing his pistol at a person who dared to pass him on the Interstate. The fact he was driving erratically and tried to sideswipe others, so she videoed the back of his car for a license plate and then moved to get away as he slowed down probably makes you think it was her fault, eh?

3383 said...

And the freeway idiot is about to lose his firearms rights, plus whatever the penalty is for that particular bit of stupid.
I bet he gets less time than the South Bay guy who grabbed the dog from a vehicle and tossed it into traffic.

Comrade Misfit said...

CP88, so some road-raged clown pulls a gun. He's probably going to go to prison for that and, if he's convicted of (or pleads to) a felony, that's it for him and guns. The last time I looked a any research on the number of crimes committed by holders of CCW permits, the number of CCW offenders compared to the number of overall criminals is a very small percentage. And that's all crimes, not violent ones.

People who have carry permits aren't a problem. The "blood will run in the streets" hyperbole has been bruited about since Floria began issuing permits in the 1980s and guess what, sports fans?

It hasn't happened.

CenterPuke88 said...

I agree with what you say, Comrade, except that I don't even expect a felony here in Texas for his act. As for CCW holders and crimes, overall the numbers are good, but have been slowly worsening as the morons in power watered down requirements for training and practical demonstration. I haven't had to shoot to qualify in over 10 years now, and that's insane to me.

I did not suggest blood in the streets, but I know,some people who,own guns that simply shouldn't. I also know far to many people whose idea of gun safety is the chamber empty and the gun under the pillow, where the kids won't find.it. I consider that criminally negligent conduct, and believe a firearm stolen from a location where it is NOT properly secured (on the owner, in an easy access gun vault, in a safe, or however) should have consequences for the ex-owner...I know, the problem being, what IS properly secured?

We seem to have gone too far to the everyone, including those with mental issues, should be able to have a gun side. However, I'm also not thrilled with having to get permission from X or Y to have a gun or carry a gun. There must be a way to ensure reasonable safety congruent with gun rights, I just am not sure what it is.

CenterPuke88 said...

So genius boy has been arrested. He's on video randomly braking in an apparent attempt to cause a rear-end collision, then as the lady videoing him moved over two lanes and sped by him, he's clearly seen brandishing a weapon at her.

Perp is a 49 y-o white male with a CCW. Current charge is "deadly conduct", which in Texas is a Class A Misdemeanor if it's the braking and driving, or a Third Degree Felony if it;s based upon the gun waving.

He's already stated he feared she had a gun, so he got his gun out...video makes that iffy, but it is Texas and the videographer is a black female.

Comrade Misfit said...

CP88, I can't care about any of that. Not when it appears that President Toddler is gong to tweet us into a nuclear war, based on what he sees on Fox & Friends.