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Friday, August 25, 2017

Because It's Friday

A longish piece on the work of a fireman in this century.

A number of the ports for oiling seem to be capped with nothing more than corks.

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B said...

The "corks" (wooden plugs, probably) are just there to keep the dirt out... used to be, they were lead tapered plugs, or sometimes brass.

The oil hole leads to a chamber filled with yarn or string or (sometimes) oakum, which then keeps a thin film of oil on the bearing surfaces, but keeps it from just running out the clearances on the sides. It acts as a wick.

Larger ones had cast iron caps, sometimes with a spring retainer, but the same fiber filling for the same reason. The oil they use is about 70 weight or even heavier, often with a large amount of sulfur in it.