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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Word! (But With Disagreement)

He's right that the "pencils down" moment for Trump to have said something effective was last Saturday night. It should have been easy to condemn the Klan and the Nazis. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. He didn't until, under political duress, he read a prepared statement two days later. Yet you can bet your ass if the Asswipe of Charlottesville was named "Achmed-Something", he would have been screaming about "Islamic terrorism" within 25 picoseconds.

I disagree with Mr. Meyers on one point: I think Trump has made his choice. He's in bed with the racists. As has been pointed out elsewhere, Trump has not been shy at lambasting everyone else.

We know where Trump's heart is in this. If you want to continue to support him, then don't be surprised if his stench attaches itself to you.


B said...

" It should have been easy to condemn the Klan and the Nazis. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. He didn't until, under political duress"

Kinda like Barry when the riots happened at Ferguson, huh?

Didn't hear any of you denigrating Barry when he took his time.

CenterPuke88 said...

Wow, so we should have condemned the local people for rioting, when the most destructive and violent rioters weren't local? There was condemnation, but from the right the theme was that it was the local "thugs" burning their home down, from the left it was more of why are the police racheting up the tension. Now, the facts don't support that right wing view, and the DoJ investigation showed the people had deep seated reasons to be upset and that the police over-reacted and increased the violence.

Look at what Obama decried, the senseless violence, not the protests themselves. He noted there were reasons for the protests, reasons that aren't present in Charlottesville. Donnie simply refused to single out the violent actions of the alt right until the pressure got to him. Hell, he tried to make it seem like there were valid reasons for the alt right demonstrations. He tried to pretend that everyone was violent, which was clearly NOT the case. While there was some violence from the alt left, the vast majority was the Tiki Nazis.

CenterPuke88 said...

And he's off the rails again and being thanked by David Duke...

dinthebeast said...

OK, I do still have (at least) one beef with Obama over reactions to threats of terrorism.
Remember in 2009 when DHS published a terror threat assessment that found the home-grown, right-wing, variety to be the most ascendant, dangerous, and in need of attention?
And remember how the right wingers in congress began to wail and gnash their teeth about "You're persecuting conservatives!!!" until the report was withdrawn and funding was cut for that division of the FBI?
Obama should have told them to shut up and read the report, then increased resources to that FBI division, just like the report said.
But no, that was 2009, and he was still clinging to the mistaken belief that Republicans could be reasoned with, and he caved.
It is my own feeling that some of those wailers and gnashers of teeth should be held to account for their actions, in light of the recent attack by home-grown, right-wing terrorists that murdered and maimed people in the service of upholding a monument to an infamous traitor to the republic, and the long string of such attacks that have been perpetrated by right-wing terrorists since 2009.

-Doug in Oakland

Ten Bears said...

That 2009 report was commissioned, data gathered, assimilated, analyzed, collated and drafted by the Cheney Administration. It published literally days into the Obama Administration and was probably the first thing the Retards went all snowflake over, and it became an Obama DHS report. It was also the first opportunity to push back, and he didn't. Yeah, I've issues with Obama letting traitors get away with what he let them get away with.

FBI published pretty much the same thing early in the Cheney Administration and the Bushies and their.snowflake cucks blamed it on Clinton.