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Monday, August 14, 2017

Statuary Question

If we're going to have statues around the country to honor people who took up arms against the United States, then where are the statues for Benedict Arnold and other Loyalists, like Oliver De Lancey, Joseph Galloway, and Edward Jessup (to name only three)?


hans said...

as Jim Wright put it so elegantly "Fuck the Confederacy. Every symbol of the Confederacy, every monument, every flag, every statue, should be pulled down, uprooted, smashed into rubble, and burned. Fuck Robert E. Lee, he was a traitor, pull down his statue, melt it down, recast it into urinals. Piss on the Confederacy."

dinthebeast said...

Here is Mitch Landrieu delivering a speech for the ages on the subject of removing confederate monuments from New Orleans, where he is the mayor. It's kinda long, but it improves as it goes along and I feel it's well worth anyone's time to hear it.


-Doug in Oakland

Iron City said...

There is one monument to Benedict Arnold. At Saratoga NY. It's his leg (left or right, I don't recall) where he was wounded in battle. With the Continental Army (the good guys).

Tod Germanica said...

One of the better commanders until he became disgruntled and felt cheated of his glory, leading to him turning his coat. No statue to GOP Iran/contra traitor marine Lt. Col. Ollie North (all convictions vacated though), and he does have his own teevee show.