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Monday, August 14, 2017

Trump's Slow Denunciation of the Nazis.

Condemning the Nazis should have been a no-brainer, given that "Nazis are bad" has been official policy since the 1930s, but not for Trump. Which was not surprising, given his history of racially-tinged attacks, alleged discrimination, and his trio of Nazi advisors.

And so, nearly three days after the Tiki-Torch Nazis did their first march and two days after a Nazi drove his car into a crowd of people, killing Heather Heyer, Trump read a prepared statement condemning the Nazis (presumably while his Chief of Staff stood offstage, with a loaded revolver in his hand). Trump never denounces the Nazis on his own; it always takes an uproar and then, a few days later, he reads remarks that someone prepared and that someone convinced him that he has to read. It's never by Trump's own impulse to be a good person, an impulse that arguably would be as foreign to Trump as speaking in Mongolian.

Remember, this is the guy who, after the Central Park Five were exonerated, still believes they were guilty. He has approved of slaughtering demonstrators. He's cut funding for combating Nazi groups in the U.S.

For it should be pretty clear that Trump, in hi heart-of-hearts, stands with the Nazis.


B said...

Where was your criticism when Barry the O failed to denounce Antifa and Black Lives Matter for their actions and racism and hatred?

Just askin' here, Boss. 'Cause if you think Trump should denounce hate groups and Fascists, then you would also logically think that Barry should have as well, right? And be just as condemning if he didn't, right?

Comrade Misfit said...

The problem with Black Lives Matter is that they misnamed it. They should have called it Black Lives Also Matter.

Because that is the point. Black lives haven't mattered. People have forgotten that the "War on Drugs" was a Nixonian construct designed to punish hippies (ie, leftist whites) and Black people. At every step along the way.

As for the anti-fascists, really? You seek condemnation of people who are against the Klan and the Nazis? Dream on, Buckaroo.

B said...

No, I'm taking about ANTIFA. Those folks who smash windows and riot and beat people....The ones that Barry encouraged. Where was his condemnation of those tactics and actions? And of the actions and stated goals of Black Lives Matter. You know, the ones who advocated killing cops and such? Whites too.

Or is one president judged differently than others. And are Leftist groups judged differently as well? (And no, the Nazis aren't RIGHT....National Socialist Party, remember?

"ANTIFA" may say they are Anti Fascist, but they employ Fascist tactics. And act like 'em.

Ten Bears said...

You're grasping at straws, boy.

CenterPuke88 said...

Let's see, ANTIFA's first significant protest act of violence was the Inaugural protests, under......hummmm, wait, I'll think of it....er.....ummm,, Donald Trump! Prior to that time, scattered groups under various guises caused some minor damage in widespread protests against, again, Donnie. So now you want to demand that an ex-President, who spent several months avoiding any comments about or against a new office holder who is trying to destroy the ex-Presidents legacy, speaks out...er, no.

Ten Bears said...

Nazi’s called themselves national socialists for strategic propagandistic reasons. There was a purpose at work. The Bolsheviks called their states, the People’s Democratic Republic of . . . . Despite constitutions and parliaments, these were not liberal representative democracies. This is how language is used in politics. That actual Nazi’s wanted to call themselves socialists was a tribute of sorts to the working poor, a calculated misdirection of the corporate security state elite.

The “socialism” in “National Socialist” was a bone tossed to the rubes.

The Nazis, because they were called National Socialists, is an zombie idea that tends not to die. Mainstream corporate bullshit.

The Nazis reduced wages and shattered unions. Being a socialist got you sent to a camp.

Under the Nazis corporate profits and the percentage of national income going to high income people increased.

And the Nazis also privatized a great deal, in fact their privatization regime was very similiar to how Neoliberals have run the economy.

Nazis were right wingers, who believed in poor workers and rich capitalists and that the state should mostly be involved in military and police. They were not socialists, by any definition of the word socialist.

3383 said...

I continue to find it unbelievable that anyone who thinks the Nazis had some good ideas (and the rest) think than anyone is going to respond to any demonstration, speech, book with anything from rolled eyes to disgust. Then they find the 0.001% that kind of agres with them.
Regarding BLM; they have a point. But basing your movement on Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown (and rioting in Ferguson over Brown) sets my teeth on edge; and then I read (most of) their manifesto.
Nope to both. But a larger, all caps NOPE for Nazi dumbasses.

dinthebeast said...

Nazis are socialist in approximately the same way the DPRK is democratic.

-Doug in Oakland