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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Taurus Plumbs the Depths of Derp

Their idea is a curved pistol to better fit the bodies of right-handed shooters. In the "professional gun press", expect to read the usual laudatory reviews (given to most advertisers).

The gun has no sights. The end of the barrel is apparently cut at an angle, which usually plays hob with accuracy, but what the hell, the damn gun has no sights. Taurus painted a crosshair on the back of the gun so you can do what, I don't know. The G&A article claims that accuracy is OK, because they can keep it on minute of thug at five yards. A S&W Airweight can do much better at longer range and it's probably a dollars-to-doughnuts bet that a professional gunwriter can shoot better than me.

This gun must be intended for those who felt that a LCP was too bulky. Which is who, exactly?

Taurus also curved the handle of their View, a gun that seems to be unpopular as hell, given that the gun that my LGS got in last summer is still on the shelf in one of the display cases. Meanwhile, S&W Airweights and Ruger LCRs come into the store on the Brown Truck of Goodies and go out the door in the hands of their customers.

Damn, there has to be a middle ground between the gimmickry of Taurus and the ossification of Colt.


Eck! said...

I do believe the correct shooting
stance for that is single hand,
knuckles up aka gang banger style.

At best its a lint collector.

At worst i just might end up so
fail as to be collectible.


Comrade Misfit said...

Taurus is likely marketing this gun to people who don't know anything about shooting. They're being sold a gun with which they can't practice any of the basic fundamentals of shooting.

This POS is wrong on so many levels that it's not even remotely humorous. Unless Taurus provides them to dealers on the basis of "only pay us if you sell it", I can't see anyone stocking this thing.

w3ski said...

For me Taurus has had an 'off' feel since the first S&W copy I saw.
I see they have captured the "ugly gun" market with this latest entry.
I suppose they will sell a few because they are 'different' but can you imagine the value of one of these after buying it? I wouldn't give 50 bucks for one new.

Robert Fowler said...

I can't find the words. I've spent a lifetime around guns as a shooter, owner and the last few years as a gunsmith for the public. This just proves that you will never see it all, no matter how long you live. And here I thought some of the stuff I've seen customers do to guns was strange and wild.

I bought a Tarus that was their copy of the S&W model 10. Pretty good gun for the money and my ex was a daed on shot with it. That was in the early 80's. What the hell happened? Are the PTB at Tarus feeding the designers stupid pills?

Tod Germanica said...

Years back my friend's suffering dad used a Taurus .38 J-frame clone on himself-cancer-so we know they can be effective at close range.