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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Shorter Ferguson PD on the No-Media TFR: "Warn't Us, Boss!"

Update on this post: The St. Louis County police chief denies that he asked for the TFR. Not only that, but the cops are claiming that the FAA forced the TFR on them, that it wasn't their idea, nosiree.

The chief's characterization of FAA managers as "a couple of air traffic controllers" will probably offend both the FAA brass and the real scope-jockeys.

I fall back on the point that I asserted in the previous post: The operating assumption is that the cops are lying.

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tsquared said...

"The operating assumption is that the cops are lying."

That is always a given. Cops lie to coerce citizens into compromising positions so the cop can violate their rights and bust them. Crime scene investigators take a look at a a scene and pre-judge - if it is going to be high profile or an easy case they will probably do their job; if they see an easy out with the victim having no local support they blow it off with anything to make the report easy. Given opportunity they will pilfer crime scene evidence. They are part of a "brotherhood" and will back each other up on their misdeeds and look the other way.

Good cops are out there but they are very few and often yield to the negative peer pressure of the scum bag cops. Their greatest priority is not "to protect and serve" but to shoot first and ask questions latter.