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Monday, November 3, 2014

Millenials Suck by a Three to One Margin

The Special Snowflakes don't plan to vote: A Harvard University Institute of Politics poll released Wednesday found only 26 percent of millennials — 18 to 29-year-olds — definitely plan to vote. A vote is indeed like a snowflake, in that a single snowflake doesn't seem like a big deal.

But with enough snowflakes, you can shut down an entire region.

Voting is like that. With enough votes, you can change who's running things. And if the people you elected don't change things to suit you, you can fire them next time around.

When someone complains about the way things are, ask them if they voted. If they didn't vote, then tell them to shut the fuck up.*
* Or, if they are incredibly annoying, punch them in the throat. Keeping in mind, of course, that violence is not the preferred option. Unless you're talking to a Randian.


Mike R said...

Just had that conversation with some one last night. They don't vote because it doesn't effect them was their position. In the next breath they were complaining about under funded schools, bad roads and voter suppression, minimum wage not being raised etc. Sometimes it appears people don't listen to themselves.

D. said...

Mike R.: "Sometimes it appears people don't listen to themselves."


Ole Phat Stu said...

I think it was Ian Smith of (then) Rhodesia who said "Here we have one man one vote. I am that man and I have that vote". Or was it Botha (RSA)?

GolFoxtrot Yankee said...

Though amusing to blame Millenials for problems with the country, it's not like the rest of the citizenry is involved. The elderly inflate the voting percentage of the non-millenial bloc; it's not like Generation X or the Boomers are civic saints. And DC is a terrible place to get opinions, most people (especially students) don't register unless they have to due to the lack of representation. Voting for some 'shadow senator' muppet is a poor substitute for the real deal.

Unknown said...

I am far from confident that our votes are even counted accurately, let alone that it would matter if they do.

But, I do strongly believe we should all try. At the least, voting is the admission ticket for complaining.

At the best... polls for the last half century show that, when asked about specific policy issues, large majorities of USians are far more progressive than any Presidential Candidate and almost any CongressCritter.

In any given election, half of registered voters vote, and only half of eligible voters are even registered. That means a "landslide" is anything more than about 1/8 of the populace. Sad. Very sad.

dinthebeast said...

In the immortal words of the dearly departed Molly Ivins:

You're getting screwed again!

-Doug in Oakland

Joe said...

Danny, you can be sure that our votes matter. If they didn't, Republicans wouldn't work so hard to keep people away from the polls.

Unknown said...

Great point, Joe.

So I hope everyone here voted, while those with power still fear our votes.

BadTux said...

I voted, and all my candidates won and won easily. I am pleased. California politics is going to continue its current era of good feelings and good results for another two years, at least.