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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Benghazi Always Was Bullshit

The House Intelligence Committee spent two years and untold millions of dollars to ultimately reluctantly conclude that there is nothing there. Which is why they released their report late on a Friday, when the traditional news media pays less attention.

No doubt that they reached that conclusion with extreme reluctance. Because any other finding would have been a weapon to use agains the Clinton campaign.

But don't worry, folks. The hard-core Wingnuts will, no doubt, not be deterred from screaming "Benghazi" at every turn. Because they've never been deterred by facts.


Moe said...

You mean like da ones what was screaming TRAYVON!!!


D. said...

Not a surprise. (Both that there was nothing in it and that the "right" cannot be deterred with facts.)

More and more Mr. Issa's and his committees are reminding me of Judge Doom and the Weasels.

Anonymous said...

Of course Graham finds the report full of bullshit. I suppose it is hard to be uncovered as a bullshit artist.