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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Fix Always Was In; Ferguson Edition

Sure, this is all one big coincidence, right?
The Ferguson police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown has resigned, his attorney said Saturday...


BadTux said...

Sounds to me like there was a bit of "I'll make sure you'll not be indicted if you resign your commission and become a shoe salesman" going on behind the scenes...

Will said...

Did you really expect him to remain a Ferguson cop after all the civil unrest that has hit the town? I'm pretty sure that even local supporters would recommend that he move elsewhere for his, and the towns, security. He can't bail until he is cleared, or he would most likely lose the assistance of the dept/city in fighting any court proceedings. But you know that.

This tends to be the result of any high profile self-defense situation. Might be able to stay, if it is a big area like NYFC, otherwise, bag packing time.

Comrade Misfit said...

Will, even in the NYPD, Wilson would have probably been put on the Rubber Gun Squad.

Comrade Misfit said...

Shit. Try this link.

sps49 said...

He would be a target if he stayed in Ferguson.

He was on admin leave, apparently. Why resign during the grand jury hearings?

I personally do not believe everything Wilson said- who talks as much as he says Michael Brown did during a tussle?- but overall I buy his story.

Joe said...

Look for him on the wingnut lecture circuit, coming soon to a town near you. He seems to take coaching well enough; he could make seven figures next year.

Will said...

Interesting bit about the NYPD. That's one of the potential problems with civil service union type regs. Makes it nearly impossible to get rid of bad people. It can also work the other way, but I'm not sure things could get worse as far as the gang mentality of the Thin Blue Line. Fixing that problem may not be feasible.