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Saturday, November 29, 2014

So Much to Be Pissed Off About

There just is. Uber's strong-arm tactics. The VA willingly allowing a terminally-ill vet to die in pain because they were afraid he could become addicted, after it was the VA's piss-poor care that made him terminally-ill. Wingnuts crowing about the fairness of the Ferguson grand jury, when it was obvious that, from the start, the investigation treated the cop as a crime victim. Wingnuts who were noticeable silent when Bush and Cheney planted newspaper stories justifying the Iraq War (both before and after) and who are now upset that Holder has done some of the same to justify the "Fast and Furious" mishegoss.

Thing is, I'm getting tired of being pissed off. Doesn't anyone realize that what it takes, now, for a cop to be held criminally liable for shooting someone is to put them face down on the ground and then shoot them in the back? Doesn't everyone know that the "eggshell plaintiff" rule doesn't apply to cops?

Hasn't anyone realized by now that assuming the presidency is akin to putting on the One Ring? They all become enchanted, if not trapped, by their power and they only seek to expand it.

Meanwhile, store economists have missed have missed the underlying lesson of Black Friday: "The shopper coming out for those deals is very disciplined," according to a guy at Indiana U. named John Talbott, pointing out that shoppers are not making impulse purchases like they once did.

No fucking shit, Sherlock. People don't have the disposable income that they once did. Even with minimal inflation, wages have been stagnant for a very long period of time. Oh, it might be high cotton if you sell real estate in the East Hamptons or high-end cars, but for many models of cars and trucks, inventories are rather high.

But there is just so much to get outraged over and my tank is getting low. And frankly, I don't know what to do. There is a goodly percentage of people in this country who are just fine with cops gunning down non-whites. The people at the top mostly seem to embody the mindset of the Bezoses and Sandbergs who say, in essence: "I got mine, fuck you." Shame, protests, votes, riots, all seem to do nothing. The Democrats are inept, the Republicans are venal. Most of the people who seem to want to be president in `16 are unfit to run a town of 35. (Quite possibly, the worst thing we've done is to scrap the "smoke-filled room" method of nominating candidates. The primary system seems to generate a candidate based on the "Who's the Biggest Bozo", but that's a subject for another time.)

So I'm probably going to tone it down for awhile. Lots of people are still at it, plenty are in my blogrolls, so if you need to get pissed off, go there.


Murphy's Law said...

Deep breath...it'll be ok. Vent all you like--that's what we loyal readers are here for.

Now that said, I'll get back to walking around and high-fiving everyone I see over the Ferguson Grand Jury verdict.

sps49 said...

I'm with you on the Federal stupidity and corrupt money.

But the Ferguson shooting could be avoided by not breaking the law and not assaulting a cop.

Meserle was incompetent, not murderous (a point lost on Cali's now-Attorney General), but Grant didn't need to put himself in that position.

Trayvon Martin (I know, you didn't mention him) would probably be around if he hadn't gone back after reaching home to pound on dumbass George Zimmerman.

I'm sure that anyone, of any race, would've ended up the same if they had acted the same.

Iron City said...

Think you've got it on the president situation. The stuff you must do and must be to get the job doesn't match what it takes to do it, let alone do it well. This is a part of the "Bozo factor", and is being very unkind to the original Bozo, a great children's

CenterPuke88 said...

Let's see, so blame the dead guy ( kinda like she was asking for it wearing that/walking there)...the trolls are celebrating your step back already. I think I know what you mean, and expect more focused exposition rather than the railing against the storm. Keep up the good work, we out number them and will triumph eventually.

Expatriate Owl said...

Yes, I too, of late, have had similar agita attacks.

But the acid reflux seems to subside when I stop reading the newspapers (paper and cyber).

Query: How much all this is driven by the media, and not merely reported by them?

Sevesteen said...

Scott Adams has a different take on the Uber thing:


TL;DR version: The story was vastly out of context, and started by Buzzfeed, whose owner is a big investor in a startup Uber-clone.

No idea who is right.

Peter said...

When push comes to shove, all we can do is what's put in front of us, as individuals, to do. We can't do other people's work for them, or live their lives for them. We've got our own row to hoe.

As Theodore Roosevelt put it: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

Anonymous said...

Here is a bit of stupid for you. Madness.