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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hammers are Useful Tools, and So is Prof. Turley

After two Washington law firms backed out of earlier commitments to represent House Republicans in their legal challenge, House Speaker John Boehner hired Jonathan Turley on Tuesday. Turley is a George Washington professor who is an expert on constitutional law and well known to cable TV viewers as a legal analyst.
Oh, Turley thinks that he is standing up for the Constitution, but make no mistake about it: The Republicans in the House don't give a flying fuck about the Constitution. They surely didn't care when George W. Bush's Administration was trampling all over the Constitution. There wasn't one peep from them when Bush's administration arrogated powers to itself or issuing lots of Executive Orders.

Not a single damn word.

And as far as the claims of the Wingnuts that Obama is a tyrant governing by Executive Orders, that's just bullshit. Ronald Reagan issued far more Executive Orders, but you'd have to look pretty damn hard to find a conservative who is lambasting Reagan for that (or for tripling the national debt).

No, this litigation is more akin to the Menendez brothers begging for mercy because they're orphans.


B said...

It's they're

And one must consider exactly what the executive orders are about, not just the number.

However, I do agree with you about GWB and his executive orders. It SHOULD have been stopped there. But our congress let him get away with it, and now Barry is taking it a whole 'nother level.

Wrong is wrong, no matter the party.

Peter said...

I agree with Mr. B. Wrong is wrong, irrespective of who's doing it. Obama's use of executive orders (and so-called 'signing statements' on laws) is wrong, just as GWB's was before him, and their predecessors.

Time to house-clean the whole damn lot of 'em. Revoke ALL executive orders, without exception, then re-issue those that are absolutely essential.

Zarathustra said...

I've lost a great deal of respect for Professor Turley, over this...