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Monday, November 24, 2014

Taurus Derp Gun, or "Why Be Skeptical?"

One of the "selected gun writers" who got to go on a boondoggle to shoot a pre-prototype version of the Taurus Curve published his review.

"Fawning" isn't the term I'd use. More like "fellating". The reviewer got to shoot a pre-production prototype on a "video range" and he said he had no problem shooting 12" video plates at seven yards.

Right. As opposed to shooting at real targets? Why do I suspect that he could have fired the thing at his foot and Taurus's range would have said the equivalent of "nice shot, me boy"?

The other thing is that the gunwriters seem to have the short-term memories of end-stage Alzheimer's patients. Do they not remember the debacle surrounding the Remington R51; a gun which the gunwriters fell over themselves to praise when they got to coonfinger and shoot the pre-production models in 2013? Don't they remember that the production guns were so fucked up that Remington recalled all of them?

The professional gunwriters also similarly fawned over the Colt All-American 2000, which was yet another gun that didn't make the translation from toolroom prototype to production model. With a bit of searching, I'll bet that you can easily find other examples-- anyone remember the Bren Ten?

I'll stand by what I wrote a week ago.


D. said...

Link at "Remington recalled" has extraneous alphanumerics.

As for the gunwriters, there may be something in that old maxim about not seeing stuff one's livelihood depends on not seeing.

Old NFO said...

Good points...

Comrade Misfit said...

D, they all work for me.