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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fifty One Years

Over half a century since the assassination of President Kennedy, a killing that continues to echo to the present day.

I was in grade school then. A half-a-century in the past, to me, then, might as well been during the Bronze Age. My grandmother was just starting high school back then. Rose Kennedy hadn't had her first child.

"WBCN: We're the station that gives Rose Kennedy a reason to live." -- that was a promo during "The Big Mattress" morning show in the early `90s. Of course, Rose Kennedy is long dead, now, and so is WBCN. There were businesses back then who timed their morning coffee breaks so they could listen to the "Mishegoss" segment during the Big Mattress.

But I digress.

Fucking time does fly.


B said...

Indeed, and without all you posit in your linked post, we'd not have had the Obaanation we have today.

You make very good points there.

Eck! said...

Every year I get the snapback to that moment. Where I was, standing looking at the announcement speaker
in the classroom I can't forget.

What if? That terrible question.
We can't know. The repeated answer.



Old NFO said...

Yep, brings back memories...

w3ski said...

I was in 5th grade and I couldn't understand why my teacher was crying at school like that. Then we all went in a classroom and watched it on a TV. Time flies, the answers never did.

Expatriate Owl said...

[If you are over 80] Where were you and what were you doing when Pearl Harbor was bombed?

[If you are over 55] Where were you and what were you doing when JFK was assassinated?

[If you are over 20] Where were you and what were you doing when they had the Muslim attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?