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Sunday, November 30, 2014

More Thoughts on the Taurus Derp Gun

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Another thought came to mind about the Derp Gun:*  It doesn't look that much like a gun. It kinda sorta looks like a pepper spray (or other gas) projector.  And that might get people shot.

One of the good things about a traditional gun is that it looks like a gun.  The bad guy who you've had to draw on knows that you have a gun and it's pointed at him.  A lot of bad guys have a deep-seated aversion to contracting a sudden case of bullet wounds, which is why confrontations often end with the miscreant beating feet.

If, on the other hand, the bad guy doesn't recognize your gun as a gun, you might end up having to shoot him.  Which, for you, isn't exactly a good outcome (though better than what it could be). Better for you if he runs away.**

* Writing three posts about a gun that is a toolroom prototype might seem a bit much, I suppose. But a term such as "Derp Gun". is too much fun not to use.
** If he shits his pants and screams, even better.

1 comment:

S O said...

It looks like a Taser to me.
Maybe they should offer a longer, protruding barrel version.
A cocking noise may help as well.

The problem is none at night, though: The flashlight itself will keep an aggressor's eye from looking much at the gun itself anyway.