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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tomorrow Can't Come Soon Enough

Between the attack ads on TV and now the teleslime, this can't end soon enough to suit me. I'd dearly love to be able to leave the TV on during a show and go to the kitchen without being subjected to how Candidate X is a Commie AntiChrist or how Judge Y just lives for the day when he can release a child molester to live next door to you. One of the TV stations I watch has viewers in three states that have hotly contested elections, which means that the ads are nasty.

So nasty that if somebody said something along the lines of what their opponents are saying about me, I'd seriously consider going and giving them a nice hickory shampoo.*

And now there are the robocalls from some idiot's campaign for state senate in a state that is five state lines and a time zone away. Because the local morons aren't annoying enough.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough. And this prediction is probably spot-on.
* Or a polite social visit with a brace of flintlock pistols.


Sevesteen said...

A huge advantage to a smart TV...Wife can watch all the TV she wants, but nothing broadcast so no political ads at all.

Snowdog said...

I for one will follow my usual plan-vote for whoever is NOT running for re election, then afterwards, have a bonfire in the back yard of all the political junk mail that we've gotten over the past few months. Then watch as the same people get voted in again anyway, their positions safe in the kleptocracy for another few years. Then they have to fool enough folks again, repeat.

Expatriate Owl said...

Take comfort in the fact that of all the candidates in the running, only one will win for each office.

Unknown said...

DVR. It's the only thing that makes television bearable for me.

S O said...

Cannot resist:

w3ski said...

I always liked the Flintlock Type pistols that have a brass knob on the end of the grip so you have something deadly to smack your enemy with after you fire your load.
Just sayin...