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Monday, November 17, 2014

Springfield Armory: The Derp is Strong With You

From here

Really, guys? Labeling the grip as the "grip zone"? Did they label the sights as the "eyeball zone"?

And what is with the picatinny rails on the holster and the magazine carriers? There is another photo in the gun review which shows the magazine loader clipped to that holster in such a way that the magazine would fall out, a bit of derp only exceeded by HK's memorable catalog cover.

As for the review itself, well, "fawning" would be an understatement. The writer calls the XD-mod 2 his favorite subcompact 9mm by far and then, a paragraph later, says that he doesn't own one. Which is kind of like me saying that my favorite prop-driven fighter is the Spitfire Mk.IX.


Sport Pilot said...

I'm GTG with the SA 1911's & M1A's and purchased an XDs9 as well. The rest?

Yogi said...

"Which is kind of like me saying that my favorite prop-driven fighter is the Spitfire Mk.IX."
Which my father flew in WWII.

Just wanted to share that, I agree entirely with the sentiment.

Peter said...

Actually, I think the reviewer merely attached the magazine holder to the holster the wrong way around. If he reversed it, the magazine would be the right way up. That's not Springfield's fault.

CenterPuke88 said...

Gotta prefer the XIV,

Old NFO said...

Don't own one, don't WANT one... They don't point well for me.

Comrade Misfit said...

CP88, the Griffon-engined ones might be better, but their lines look ugly. Sort of like the HA-1112 Buchons.