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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why the Klan Wears Hoods

It is elementary, really. Because if they didn't wear hoods, then who they were would be revealed to the world.

As you know, the California proposition to ban gay marriage succeeded. But now it seems that the people who financially supported the ban are not happy that their identities are being splashed all over the Intertubes.

Tough shit for them.

If you live in California or nearby, you might want to see if you are dealing with people who were for the ban. If you are gay or if you have gay folk in your family, you really might want to consider not doing business with them.

So look here, here and here. If you can avoid doing business with these folks, please do so. Bigotry should have its consequences.

(H/T to John Cole and BadTux)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, I figure if you're going to bankroll it, you're gonna own it. If they think they have the right to decide what other people do with their private lives, then by jolly, you better be prepared to accept the consequences of that arrogant assumption.