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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My "Golden Rule of Gun Gear"

Never ever buy anything with the word "tactical" as part of the name or description.

I figure that it will be 50-100% higher in price.

I saw "tactical" M1911 magazines on sale for $30; I've bought very similar ones (same # of rounds) for about half that price.


Fixer said...

Thing is, for stuff like cell phone cases, flashlight holders, and knife sheaths, I've found 5.11 makes the most durable gear, even better than GI stuff.

Mark Rossmore said...

I prefer the words "Russian" or "East German" as a prefix to what I buy. It usually means it's A) cheap and B) will last until the second coming of Lenin.

Bulgarian Makarov w/ 2 mags: $169
East German mag: $6
Russian mags: $6/ea