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Friday, November 28, 2008

Afghanistan (and Firefox)

What with opening and closing oodles of tabs in Firefox, I've forgotten where I saw the link to this article about Afghanistan:
"We" are not winning in Afghanistan. Talk of crushing the Taliban seems as bleakly unrealistic as it has ever been. Indeed, when the President of Afghanistan tries to talk to Mullah Omar – one of America's principal targets in this wretched war – you know the writing is on the wall. And even Mullah Omar didn't want to talk to Mr Karzai.
The failure of this war is all Chimpy's. The Taliban had been chased out, but rather than build on a battlefield success, Bush turned his back on Afghanistan to go fight another war. It is as though the cops, having chased the burglars away from a jewelry store, leave the area without making sure the store is secured.

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