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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fire Them. Or Shoot Them.

It is all the same to me.
Just weeks before leaving office, the Interior Department's top lawyer has shifted half a dozen key deputies -- including two former political appointees who have been involved in controversial environmental decisions -- into senior civil service posts.

The transfer of political appointees into permanent federal positions, called "burrowing" by career officials, creates security for those employees, and at least initially will deprive the incoming Obama administration of the chance to install its preferred appointees in some key jobs.

Similar efforts are taking place at other agencies. Two political hires at the Labor Department have already secured career posts there, and one at the Department of Housing and Urban Development is trying to make the switch.
This is how it works: You put in a political appointee over these idiots and then you order them to do something that is part of their job and which they won't do. You then fire the fuckers for cause or, if you can't do that, you transfer them to the branch office in Adak.

They can be gotten rid of, short of them suffering a copper-jacked lead-induced cerebral hemorrhage. It probably is easier to just have them shot.

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