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Monday, November 17, 2008

"Only Surrender Monkeys Would Agree to a Timetable for Withdrawal From Iraq"

That has been the mantra of the Bush Administration for over four years now.

But now, they have agreed to a fixed timetable with a full withdrawal by the end of 2011:
The proposed agreement, which took nearly a year to negotiate with the United States, not only sets a date for American troop withdrawal, but puts new restrictions on American combat operations in Iraq starting Jan. 1 and requires an American military pullback from urban areas by June 30. Those hard dates reflect a significant concession by the departing Bush administration, which had been publicly averse to timetables.
The menu for the GOP Diner today is "Crow." Crow Salad, Roast Crow and Crow Ice Cream.

Beyond that, it is no secret that the fascists neo-cons such as Dick Cheney, Bloody Bill Kristol, the Kagans and their think-tanks all wanted permanent bases in Iraq in order to control the Middle East. The Iraqis never would agree to that; either we were leaving by mutual agreement or by gunpoint, but we were going to have to leave.

At least this way, we may have staved off another "helicopters fleeing the embassy" moment, at least until "Iraqization" fails.


Anonymoustache said...

Therefore, Bush Admin = Surrender Monkeys.
Q E freaking D

One Fly said...

Then they must be against themselves.

Anonymous said...

Well, here's another example of It's Okay If You Are A Republican.