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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Once Again, the Senate Democrats Prove to be Pussies

They are apparently going to let Lieberman stay as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, but they promise to say some really mean words to him.

The Senate Democrats are nothing but a pack of fucking gutless pussies. Lieberman not only campaigned vigorously for McCain, he campaigned for other Republicans. If Lieberman had been a Republican, he would already have crows pecking away at his eyeballs and his liver.

Of course, a new Senate takes office in about seven weeks and they may feel differently about it. But don't get your hopes up that the FNGs will contribute any needed steel to the spaghetti spine of the Senate Democrats. The GOP could have three senators and they'd still be able to roll those worthless fools into a ball.


One Fly said...

Has the angry letter been sent yet I wonder.

Anonymous said...

You have that right. I am so sick of watching it that I need to puke.