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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Six Men Who Would Kill Puppies For Fun

I'm not saying that they do, just that they are the same sort of people who would.

This is what I mean: As Bob Geiger pointed out, the bill to extend unemployment benefits passed by consent in the Senate. The real vote on any bill in the Senate is the cloture vote, the vote to "let's cut off debate and pass this fucker." The cloture vote succeeded, 89-6.

That means that there were six senators who wanted to send a cheery "go fuck yourselves" to the unemployed during this recession. "Who would have such hearts of stone," you might ask.

Good question. They are all "good Republicans." Their names and states are: John Barrasso (WY), Tom Coburn (OK), Jim DeMint (SC), Mike Enzi (WY), Orrin Hatch (UT), and James Inhofe (OK).

First comment, to the states of Wyoming and Oklahoma: Go fuck yourselves. The Congress ought to make every effort to ensure that not one thin dime of Federal tax money goes to your states for any reason whatsoever.

Second comment, to the voters of Wyoming, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Utah: If you are rightfully ashamed of the level of charity and concern to the people who have lost their jobs shown by the Six Scrooges of the Senate, consider firing them the next time they run for re-election.

Those six men should take jobs more suitable to their temperament, such as killing pigs in a slaughterhouse.

1 comment:

Distributorcap said...

a special fuck you to orrin hatch.

and they want to know why the country has moved past republicans.