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Friday, November 21, 2008

How Do You Have a "Historical Thriller?"

If you have read anything about the upcoming movie "Valkyrie," then you may have seen references to it as a "historical thriller."

How do you have a "historical thriller" of any kind? Did anybody watch "Tora, Tora, Tora" and not realize that the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor? Was anyone surprised at the outcome of "the Day of the Jackal" or "Midway?"

Spoiler alert for idiots: The bomb planted to kill Hitler didn't kill him. Colonel Count von Stauffenberg was executed by firing squad. He was lucky; most people accused of being a part of the conspiracy were hung with piano wire.


deadstick said...

You and I don't define the movie-going demographic any more. I think there were people who bought tickets to "Titanic" to see if it would sink...

Mark Rossmore said...

Shit. You just spoiled Titanic for me! Thank you.

Anonymoustache said...

I suppose you could have historical thrillers seeing as how a lot of people rewrite history all the time. I bet the George W. Bush Library (hahahahahahahahahaha....... wheeez....hahahahahahahahaha/ wipes eyes) will be full of surprises on what a great president he was.