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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why the Military Hates a Free Press

Because of stories like this, which shine a light on the corruption in Iraq. And mind you, this is not about Iraqi corruption, this is about American corruption. This, in part, is about Halliburton robbing the American taxpayer for all they can steal. This is about an Iraqi contractor selling weapons to anyone with the cash to buy, including insurgents. So we buy weapons, send them to Iraq and they get sold on the black market to the insurgents, who then use them to kill Americans. And the people who report on this get treated like criminals.

Of course, given Dick Voldemort Cheney's ties to Halliburton, you know that nothing will ever be done.

During World War II, the Truman Committee investigated graft and corruption and fraud. The Committee saved $11 billion, which in today's dollars is about $145 billion. That is not chump change.

We need another Truman Committee. And we need an administration that does not turn a blind eye to graft.

Between the Dumbercrats in Congress and the corrupt thugs in the White House, fat chance either will ever happen.

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