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Friday, August 17, 2007

Why I Hate Glocks

This is a Glock 23 in .40 S&W:
This is a Colt Government Model in .45 ACP:
These are not mine, but I have owned similar handguns. Now, I'm no expert and I don't try to play one. Anything I say anywhere on this blog and especially when I am writing about firearms is my opinion and only my opinion. If you ever say "but the Earth-Bound Misfit says that", then go look up Bill Engvall and ask him for a sign.

The Glock is the only firearm that I have ever owned or fired that scared the shit out of me.

Both the Glock and the Colt Government Model have similar trigger pulls of roughly 5.5lbs. Scroll up and take a close look at the trigger of the Glock. You can see a little protrusion in the front of the trigger. That is the only user-operated safety device on the gun.

Now compare that to the Colt. Directly behind the top screw on the wooden grip is a safety. If the hammer is cocked on the Colt, you can move that safety lever up and the gun will not fire. Directly behind the safety lever is a grip safety. If you are holding the gun, you are actuating the grip safety.

Glocks have internal devices that lock the striker unless the trigger is depressed. So do Series 80 Colts. Glock counts its internal devices as additional safeties. (Probably sounds good in court.)

Nobody I know of who is in their right mind would carry a Colt automatic with the hammer cocked and the thumb safety off. But that is exactly the carry situation with a Glock. And it scared the hell out of me, which is why I traded it away.

(Updated 5/4/09 to replace the photographs)


Lurch said...

Awful lot of cops carry 'em and swear by 'em. They also malf one heck of a lot less than all the glamor brands, like the military's M-92.

Comrade Misfit said...

The vast majority of cops carry guns and by that I mean that's all they do. They don't shoot them, other than on a range. Glocks are light and when you're wearing a gun each and every workday, ounces matter.

Glock also offered some really good volume pricing to the departments. Once they got a few large organizations, the rest was easier, as cops are as fashion conscious with guns as a lot of teenaged girls are with clothes.

I think it's worth noting, though, that when you look at the police teams who are really serious about their weapons, you see a lot of M1911 clones.

Lurch said...

When you write "police teams" you're talking about shooting teams. The .45 is just about unacceptable for street use anywhere in the US because of its ballistic impact.

The point about the Glock is that you learn a lot of new safety rules, as you pointed out somewhere else. Finger outside the guard, etc. That's good. It's the better way to be.

Comrade Misfit said...

When I said "police teams", was referring to SWAT or ESU or hostage rescue or other heavily armed groups. They tend to carry 1911s.

There is a reason for that< I suspect.

Xavier said...

On target sir........I agree.

Dan brock said...

Any automatics made after 1911 are superfluous.
The design concept peaked with John Browning.
Glocks are popular because of marketing and hip-hop.
Besides, if you fire one, aren't you required by the rules of coolness, to hold it sideways?

Chuck Pergiel said...

Lurch said: "The .45 is just about unacceptable for street use anywhere in the US because of its ballistic impact."

I do not understand what you are talking about.

Comrade Misfit said...

Charles, we'll never know what Lurch meant by that. He passed away three years ago.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Oh dear. Now I am really confused.

Ford Prefect said...

I truly understand your safety concerns, however in this age of near nation-wide CC permits it seems a bit old school (my Dad probably just rolled over in his grave, God Love Him) and although a newbie myself I have found Glock pistols to be perfect for my needs. I own two, both in 9MM. I want to be clear about my next statement, I am not merely a gun owner. At least twice a month at the range and literally thousands of various rounds down-range never have I had so much as a burp from either pistol.

My Father (a WW2 Vet) thought me well at the range as a kid. However I moved away from firearms as I grew up and only recently returned into the fold of our gun culture. Age, marriage and home ownership I guess is why, not mention the unavoidable, constant and disturbing daily news.

Finally my point for posting.
Hate Glock if you must, but Please do not try to use any of the following facts as your reason(s).

#1 Reliability, second to none.
#2 Durability, second to none.
#3 Simplicity, First.
#4 Accuracy, second to none.
#5 Company support, second to none.
#6 And lastly, far less important than all the above; availability of any and all accessories...if it's a good idea it will be available for a Glock, period.

Lastly, if chrome and pearl are your thing, just avoid Glock, don't hate them.

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