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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Trump and Treason

By Trump's definition:
And now it seems that Caudillo con Bone Spurs is ordering up a big military parade to celebrate the military strength of the Trump regime.

You know, of course, what other countries do such things: Authoritarian states, such as China, Russia, North Korea (and the French). Big military parades are staged by dictators who seek to cow their own people into submission.

In other words: The kind of leader that Trump aspires to be.

But don't worry: The far-Right will close their eyes to this (or start yelling "but Barry!"). Just as they've closed their eyes and covered their ears to everything else Trump spews forth.


dinthebeast said...

Are tank tracks different from tractor tracks? Because tractor tracks tear up the street...

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

Tracks generally have rubber inserts, but the weight is more of a concern in D.C. Even with the tracks spreading the weight out, it’s not good for the streets, and the tracks will likely gouge anyway.

Neal Birch said...

I suggest having this display of force be done on the golf courses of Mar-a-lago, the president* will be more comfortable there, and private, rather than the publics, moneys can be spent on the repairs, win-win!

Stewart Dean said...

Not very nice. Or particularly fair...but
Q:Why did the French plant trees along the Champs Elysee?
A: So the Germans can march in the shade...

The Hound said...

Trump will not be the only one arrested, tried and convicted for treason. Donnie Jr and Kushner will also be facing a firing squad.