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Saturday, February 17, 2018

So Much for Trump's Denials About Russia

You might recall that Trump and his acolytes on the Right have been claiming, for over a year, that the allegations of Russian meddling were a hoax.

But now, after a couple of limo-loads of Russians have been indicted for election meddling, that claim is, in the words of a former administration, no longer operative.

Shepard Smith, who is a bit of an outlier on Fox News, admitted that the story is not a hoax.

If they gave an award for Biggest Lie of 2017, Trump's "the Russian meddling story is a hoax" would win the Golden Turd Award.

Now he says that the indictment of thirteen Russians for, you guessed it, meddling in the election proves that there was no collusion.

At this point, anyone who believes what Trump said is either a willful puppet or they need to be watered twice a week.


Jones, Jon Jones said...


3383 said...

Meddling is very different from collusion, and nobody would be screaming for Trump's head for Russia pulling shit on their own.

I have serious concerns about Trump, but thinking he would hold secret meetings with Russians is a reach.

CenterPuke88 said...

Yea, 3383, you’re right. There’s absolutely no way that top campaign officials and one of Trump’s sons would meet with Russians and then try to cover it up at the direction of Donald, just no way.

Snowdog said...

Being they started before trump even declared for the election, I think it was more about revenge against Clinton for her actions vs Russia when she was sec state. It wouldn't have mattered who was against her, they'd have been for them. Getting trump elected was just icing on the cake for Putin.