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Monday, February 12, 2018

"Principled" Conservatives

So Trump is submitting a budget that will increase the deficit to over a trillion dollars a year.

This is in supposedly good times, too. When the yearly budget deficit was last over a trillion, the Obama administration was trying to jump-start the economy. And boy oh boy, were the Republicans and the Tea Partiers and the "principled" conservatives were having a collective cow over it.

But now, in supposedly good times, the Republicans are going to run the yearly budget deficit over a trillion dollars.

And what do we hear from the Tea Partiers, the GOP budget hawks, and the "principled" conservatives?



dinthebeast said...

Krugman pointed out that the Republicans were dead set against stimulus spending when the unemployment rate was 8% but there was a Democratic administration to take the political credit for its needed effects, but just passed a pair of bills that add up to a larger stimulus than the ARRA now, when the unemployment rate is 4% and it's likely the Fed will raise rates to counter inflation, but there's a Republican administration to take credit for any somewhat risky benefits to the economy that accrue.

Meaning that 1) they were lying all along about deficits 2) they were lying all along about not believing Keynsian economics actually work and 3) they are and always were hysterical frauds when it comes to economics.
You know, the same shit we've been saying about them since, oh, forever.

-Doug in Oakland

Nangleator said...

I remember the Obama stimulus being largely or mostly tax cuts... and when the Republicans fought it tooth and nail, exposed themselves forever as partisan liars. Again.

Over in the sensible universe, where Shithole got himself laughed off the public stage, and President Clinton is fighting a stubborn, stupid Congress while nailing Putin's ass into the ground, Republicans are losing their shit over Clinton enacting tax cuts for the wealthy.