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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

A Lockheed L-1011"TriStar":

My only two airborne ocean crossings were in TWA L1011s.


un Autista Disléxico said...

Hola buenas tardes:
my only ocean crossing was airborne in a Lokcheed Constallation of Air France, from Paris to Mexico city, vía Azores (mandatory fuel stop, did not have fuel capacity for a full ocean crossing) Boston (New York was under the snow) Dallas/Houston and after some 24 hours, Mexico city. That was in January 6 1956, I was 12 years old and in charge of stewardesses for the whole flight with my 6 year old sister. I was allowed into the cockpit & ask all the stupid questions to distract pilots, had champagne (so I would go to sleep & stop pestering the stewardesses), meals were REAL FOOD instead of modern TV dinners microwaved) and I loved those radials, music to my ears. My first flight was in a Tante Ju of Iberia, from Pamplona (were we lived then) to Madrid. After landing in Mexico, commemorated my 13 birthday in January 18 1956, now I am mexican. Owning a West German Passport seemed very very...mmm...¿stupid? because A)-they lost the war B)-I was born in Paris, France C)-I never learned the Kraut language because we posed as a French Family when living in Spain (8 years) and D)-the embassy people had a very very noticeable lack of humor for a German NOT born in Germany, NOT knowing that Deutschland Uber Alles and not SPITING the Siegfried language. After arriving in México, I went to study High School in USA and learned English... if english is the language of Texas!!

Hope I did not brake any house rules...forgive my french if I did!!

Deadstick said...

Tante Ju! Wow, not many of us can say that...

Old NFO said...

Good birds, and a direct competitor of the DC-10. And quiet for their day, too!

Comrade Misfit said...

I think flying on a Ju-52 gives you airline bragging rights.

I don't think I've seen real food on a domstic flight since the 1980s. when I flw on government business in the `80s, I tried to catch the Republic 8 am flight from Dulles to Atlanta.

Last SWA flight I was on, they came back and confiscated everyone's peanuts because somebody had an allergy. I had already eaten mine.