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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Trump to Form His Version of the SA?

Trump is considering forming his own private spy network, which would be run by Eric Price, the Henchman of Evil and the brother of Betsy DeVos.

I suppose that these folks will all be swearing allegiance to El Caudillo Trumpo.

So now we're going to have private spies to ferret out Trump's enemies. What's next, secret police?

Haven't we seen this movie before?

I got shit going on. Got a call from relatives; a wildfire is possibly going to burn their home down and they're bugging out. The fire was news to me, because everything on the media these days is about whatever stupid shit DFT did or said or tweeted.

And I've got no shortage of work to do right now. So look over the blogroll.


Nangleator said...

Most days I feel like I'm watching my country inevitably slide into dictatorship, one small event at a time. And everyone can see it. And no one listens to me when I explain what's happening in front of their eyes. It's like a nightmare, basically every day.

dinthebeast said...

The fire thing can really be nerve wracking, even if the house doesn't burn. My friend Zsuzs had the "Railroad Fire" burn right up to across the road she lives on last summer, and my sister lives in Santa Rosa and the fire there came within a block of her new house.
I didn't know she had moved, and when I tried to call her to see if she was OK, her phone was disconnected and I freaked right out.
They both had to evacuate for a week or so, and that can really upend your life, and your dogs' lives, and your cat's life...

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

"everything on the media these days is about whatever stupid shit DFT did or said or tweeted."

Look in the mirror....

Comrade Misfit said...

Well, then, have your guy stop doing so much stupid shit. I'd be happy to have to scrounge up topics.

danny j said...

We were temporarily evacuated due to a fire earlier this year, so my heart goes out more than normal for your family.

Ours was weird. A neighbor is a Cal Fire Captain, and he texted his girlfriend that there was a fire close by, and she should start preparing to evacuate. She called and told us, so I looked online and at the local news, and there wasn't a word, so my wife and I began leisurely putting together our ditch bags and animal companions. This is the first year since we moved to forestland that we didn't have ditch bags prepped.

So, I'm strolling down the hall and glance out the window of our spare bedroom, and see an entire wall of brown smoke from bottom to the sky! As I stood there with my jaw dropping, an air tanker flew by VERY low and VERY slow spraying the treetops it was buzzing. It was perhaps 1,000' from the window!

Needless to say, we double-timed after that. We later learned that there was no word of the fire because it had just started, and almost immediately took out both the cell tower and fiber optic cables that connect our town to the world.

All went well. Cal Fire Fighters are HEROES!

Comrade Misfit said...

Danny, so far, all is good. About 30% of the homes in the neighborhood burned. Relatives' house wasn't one, but the house two doors down is gone. I'm getting this about fourth-hand, though. They can't get back in, as there is still a mandatory evacuation in effect, and you have to have either a badge or a firetruck to get past the roadblocks.

danny j said...

Thanks for the update, Comrade. It must be maddening for them.

Comrade Misfit said...

Some more houses burned today, too.