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Monday, December 18, 2017

Clear Sign That Trump's Lawyer's Objection to Muller's Obtaining Emails is Bullshit

An organization established for U.S. President Donald Trump’s transition to the White House said on Saturday the special counsel investigating allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election had obtained tens of thousands of emails unlawfully.

Kory Langhofer, counsel to the transition team known as Trump for America, Inc. (TFA), wrote a letter to congressional committees to say Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team had improperly received the emails from the General Services Administration (GSA), a government agency.
If the objection was legitimate, they'd be making it to a Federal judge.

They're not. So it is all bullshit and smoke. Possibly, the true target audience for this is Trump himself. For this'll be all over Fox and Fiends, which will make the World's Oldest Toddler feel as though his lawyers are doing something.

Even if it's meaningless bullshit.


B said...

Yer probably right. Mueller isn't stupid.

CenterPuke88 said...

The giveaway is “.gov” was the domain name for the addresses in question. To get a dot gov email, you either get a whole long list of rules you sign for, and most don’t read or a lesson via computer. You can use it for the odd personal item of a normal nature, but it has a whole bunch of rules and limits, and one is that the emails are all monitored.

dinthebeast said...

Mueller's team requested them from the GSA, and the GSA complied. They may not like the rules, but upon obtaining the office of the presidency, they are obliged to play by them.

-Doug in Oakland

BadTux said...

Of course it's meaningless bullshit. Everything done on a government-owned computer or device is a public record unless it's classified information. Hell, it's been twenty years since I was a government employee and even I remember that much. Remember how Wikileaks got Hillary's emails: via Jason Leopold's FOIA request. Anybody could make a FOIA request for those emails and get the same emails that Mueller's team got. This is all smoke and mirrors for an intended audience of Trumpanzees and cover to use for firing Mueller, not a serious legal argument.