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Friday, December 15, 2017

World's Oldest Toddler Pitches Another Hissy Fit

The Federal Communications Commission voted three to two to change the way "net neutrality" is governed.

Internet service providers (ISPs) will now be allowed to speed up or slow down different companies' data, and charge consumers according to the services they access.
The underlying reason for this fuckery is that whatever Obama was for, Trump is against. Trump hates Obama so much that if Obama had made it harder to obtain opioids, Trump would have ordered that vicodin be handed out in schools after each recess.

for that's all of the thought that goes through Trump's mind about regulations. If Obama had a position on something, Trump takes the opposite tack. It's the actions of a surly toddler.

Speaking of a surly and narcissistic toddler, it is impossible for the intelligence briefers to say anything to Trump about Russian hacking. Trump takes that information not as information about Russia's nefarious actions, but as a personal attack on his own sense of self. For to Trump, everything is about him.

He either has the emotional maturity of a toddler, or he truly knows that he is guilty of collusion, if not outright treason, and he is willing to do anything to keep that from coming out. Even if it is acting like an uncontrollable three-year old and bringing down the country with him.

Either way, Trump, by his actions, has shown that he hates this country. That that's been a clear fact. For anyone who would back an accused child-molester for a senate seat in order to gain a short-term political advantage has no moral compass at all, nor love for democracy.


Nangleator said...

trump being unable to listen to or react to a direct, proven attack by an enemy on our sovereignty is the clearest reason of all for impeachment AT LEAST.

It's as if Roosevelt had ordered all military units to stand down after December 7, and said it would be a GOOD thing to be on better terms with Tojo. And it became clear Roosevelt had ongoing business dealings with the Empire.

And, yes. I'm comparing the Pearl Harbor attack to the '16 election in terms of damage and threat. It's just unclear how much control the Russians have over our democracy, in determining which is worse.

Marc said...

I still expect him to yell "The Aristocrats!" when he leaves....

B said...

Oddly, the press claimed that the End of the Internet was nigh when Barry added the poorly thought out Net Neutrality rules.

Now, of course, that Trump has removed them, it is, again, the End of the Internet.

Odd how that works.

As for the rest, again, blame the DNC and the RNC. They gave us candidate choices that made Trump look good. So we got the lesser of the weasels as President. And, so far, he ain't done that terribly bad. Not as good as I had hoped, but not as bad as you wish he had either.

Sevesteen said...

I'm a network admin for a major corporation. Most of the arguments for net neutrality I've seen show a serious misunderstanding of the issue. It is just about impossible to separate all the decisions that a network operator could make into legit and unfair without giving the current administration far too much control of the Internet. At home I use QOS to throttle BitTorrent and favor other traffic, because an imperceptible decrease in BitTorrent speed made a big improvement in other uses. Should an ISP be allowed to do the same thing? Some mobile ISPs got in trouble for offering free streaming of a particular service that didn't count against data caps--that wasn't considered neutral. What about cable--should it make a difference if a movie is sent using analog, QAM or TCP/IP?

The real solution is to have options--if your ISP sucks it doesn't matter if it sucks neutrally, there needs to be several others you can go to. This is one of the few things that the Trump administration got right.

Ed said...

Trump learned it from watching "The Resistance".